Company Specific Custom Publishing



Would Your Organization Benefit from A Custom Publication?

It isn’t as expensive as you think!!!


In today’s competitive advertising market, it is a difficult decision to choose a medium that will be memorable and effective without costing more than your revenue package.  Without a doubt, a third-party endorsement is the most effective way to gather consumer confidence as well as message delivery to your potential customers. 

Developing a magazine that will have articles and ads as well as additional memorable referenceable content will not only get your message received but also the consumer will want to hold on to the magazine and look for the next issue. 

In what way could you send a 30-50 page endorsement of your organization and products into someone’s personal space and have them spend over 40 minutes on average reading about your company?

What makes a custom digital publication done with Lands Publishing is simple, we have a database of over 53 MILLION double opt-in email addresses across the United States and parts of Canada. These are people that want to receive the messages that we are sending. 

We host all our magazines on third-party servers that are audited when a person visits the magazine they are counted.  With being hosted instead of sending a PDF we can make the magazine come to life with video and all sorts of other messages that will make the readers experience more informative and enjoyable. 

This is not a junk mail postcard that they will just throw out. but real content. So, the question becomes how much is this going to cost compared to a direct mail piece?  The answer is simple, about the same cost per piece.  That is correct depending on the number of addresses you want to be emailed.

For about the same cost of a direct mail postcard, Lands Publishing will:

  • Develop a title to your magazine that is appropriate.
  • Develop and host a website that can be referenced and used for additional marketing efforts.
  • Have a banner ad placed on the website to generate additional traffic.
  • Write independent articles using “experts” from your company as the focus.
  • Do product reviews of your product.
  • Layout the magazines with mixed content that is non-competing but referenceable.
  • The magazine will be designed by our designers and editors.
  • When approved, we will distribute to a minimum of 100,000 to millions of people.


Unlike that direct piece or even a printed magazine article, we will be able to tell you exactly how many copies of your magazine were downloaded. Not how many emails are opened but how many actual people downloaded your magazine. 

A good direct mail piece will give you a 2% response rate.  We guarantee that better than 25% of the people we mail will download the magazine or we will mail it again until we do. 

With all these features and benefits you would expect to pay a considerable amount. However, as we stated earlier this is done for about the same price as a postcard mailing. 


100,000 Minimum campaign is only $.15 per issue emailed.

250,000 campaign is only $.13 per issue emailed.

500,000 campaign is only $.11 per issue emailed.

1,000,000 campaign is only $.08 per issue emailed.

1,500,000 campaign is only $.07 per issue emailed.

2,500,000 Multi Area campaign is only $.06 per issue emailed.

5,000,000 National campaign is only $.04 per issue emailed.



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