Learn to Live Magazine


In today’s fast-paced world with demands on schools to get through the curriculum there seems to be a gap in subjects taught and general life skills.   

With about 21,000 high schools, 5300 colleges/ universities and close to 34 million students a magazine to help those students guide themselves through the questions of life would be extremely beneficial to not only the student but also their parents.  Therefore we developed Learn to Live Magazine.  

Learn to Live Magazine will be developed and distributed for different regions of the country to accommodate discussion and topics relevant to that area.  The magazines will be broken up into 4 issues per school year to allow educators to discuss a piece of the content without having to rush to the next magazine.  The magazines will also be supported and hosted online to reference again after the issue is aged.  

Most magazines will have roughly 350,000 downloads per issue, the magazine is 100% digital and sent in link format to email addresses that we have for educators as well as people in those areas that have indicated they have children in the upper school ages.  You can either download the PDF version or read the magazine online.  


The First Issues Will Be Produced For Following Regions:

1) Delaware

2) Northern New Jersey

3) Southern New Jersey

4) Eastern Pennsylvania

5) Central Pennsylvania

6) Western Pennsylvania 


To make sure we have your information please go to our contact us page and send us a note that you would like to receive the magazine in your email.  


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